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Showing objects tagged with 'extra-review'

  • #27194 defect: Reject protover extra commas in protover (needs_review)
  • #32604 enhancement: Add HiddenServiceExportRendPoint and HiddenServiceExportInstanceID ... (needs_revision)
  • #33193 enhancement: Travis CI: Find and fix Python syntax errors (needs_revision)
  • #33204 defect: Upgrade Rust typenum for Python 3 compatibility (new)
  • #33375 defect: Stop advertising an IPv6 exit policy when DNS is broken for IPv6 (needs_information)
  • #33617 enhancement: Add a BandwidthStatistics option and consensus parameter (needs_revision)
  • #33788 defect: Check the return value of tor_inet_ntop() and tor_inet_ntoa() (needs_review)
  • #34200 defect: Refactor tor's circuit path node selection checks (needs_review)