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Showing objects tagged with 'ff78-esr'

  • #15563 defect: ServiceWorkers violate first party isolation, probably (new)
  • #15910 task: Figure out what to do with OpenH264 (downloads) in Tor Browser (new)
  • #16285 task: Make sure EME is no tracking risk in Tor Browser (new)
  • #16339 task: Make sure the ImageCapture API is not leaking information (camera ... (assigned)
  • #16693 defect: Isolate TLS Channel-Bound Cookies (new)
  • #18598 task: Make sure speech recognition is disabled by default (WebSpeech API) (assigned)
  • #18599 task: Make sure OffScreenCanvas API does not render moot our canvas ... (new)
  • #22166 task: Make sure media/mtransport/nr_socket_prsock.cpp is disabled in Tor Browser (new)
  • #23362 enhancement: consider performing network operations in a dedicated process (new)
  • #27614 defect: Check TCP FastOpen for potential proxy bypass (new)