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Showing objects tagged with 'gettor-roadmap'

  • #3781 task: Write a spec for GetTor (new)
  • #10692 defect: GetTor needs official two-factor-enabled dropbox and google accounts (reopened)
  • #17214 enhancement: Check integrity of uploaded files periodically (new)
  • #19693 task: Portuguese (pt_PT) translation to GetTor (assigned)
  • #20116 defect: Get @get_tor twitter account verified (new)
  • #20770 enhancement: Support Tor Browser Alpha (new)
  • #22664 defect: Check for existing bundles in dropbox and handle them accordingly (new)
  • #27330 defect: @get_tor on twitter not responding (needs_review)
  • #28231 project: Provide more Gettor distribution methods (new)
  • #28232 project: Revive GetTor (new)
  • #28284 enhancement: Arabic version for Gettor (new)