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Showing objects tagged with 'guard-discovery-stats'

  • #22728 defect: Long-lived onion service circuits can enable guard discovery (new)
  • #22729 defect: Revisit relay read/write history resolution (for onion services) (new)
  • #23512 defect: Bandwidth stats watermark can be induced using OOM killer (new)
  • #23856 enhancement: Reduce relay bandwidth stats interval to 24 hours (closed: implemented)
  • #23980 enhancement: Provide torrc option to kill hidden service circuits after $TIMEOUT, ... (assigned)
  • #24104 enhancement: Delay descriptor bandwidth reporting on large relays (new)
  • #25573 defect: Create a RELAY_COMMAND_END_ACK cell type (new)
  • #25574 defect: Eliminate "silent-drop" side channels in Tor protocol (new)