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Showing objects tagged with 'guards'

  • #7798 defect: Use directory guards even when consensus isn't live (needs_information)
  • #13908 enhancement: Make it safe to set NumDirectoryGuards=1 (new)
  • #17773 enhancement: Should clients avoid using guards that lost the Guard flag? (accepted)
  • #19321 enhancement: controller: Ensure events exist for all guard state transitions (new)
  • #20931 enhancement: [prop271] Generate GUARD controller events (new)
  • #21006 defect: Reduce NumDirectoryGuards to 1 (new)
  • #21421 enhancement: Maybe check for GUARD_WAIT circuit readiness whenever a guard fails (new)
  • #21422 defect: Possibly, learn more network data from GUARD_USABLE_NEVER circuits? (new)
  • #21423 defect: Refactor choose_good_entry_server based on different usecases (new)
  • #21424 defect: Treat directory guard success only as a partial success for the guard? (new)
  • #21425 defect: entry_list_is_constrained() should look at the guard_selection_t object (needs_information)
  • #22351 defect: Should bridge lines in the state file use unlisted_since? (new)