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Showing objects tagged with 'hs-auth'

  • #14854 defect: Document the hardlimit of HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient basic (new)
  • #15991 enhancement: Option to skip authorization verification in INTRODUCE2 cell (new)
  • #20006 enhancement: HSFETCH fails for hidden services which use client authentication (needs_revision)
  • #20007 defect: Sandbox causing crash when setting HidServAuth when there is a hidden ... (needs_information)
  • #20742 enhancement: prop224: Implement stealth client authorization (assigned)
  • #21602 defect: HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient failed to work if the user specify ... (new)
  • #27725 defect: Stealthy onions should appear to be offline (new)
  • #27896 defect: base32 padding inconsistency between client and server in HS v3 client ... (needs_information)
  • #27953 defect: Authorization types for v3 onion service have to be clarified in ... (reopened)