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Showing objects tagged with 'linux'

  • #16579 defect: (Sandbox) Caught a bad syscall attempt (syscall socket) (accepted)
  • #17038 enhancement: Provide scripts to set up transparent proxying, where supported (new)
  • #20007 defect: Sandbox causing crash when setting HidServAuth when there is a hidden ... (needs_information)
  • #20337 enhancement: Support abstract namespace AF_UNIX sockets. (new)
  • #24857 defect: Tor uses 100% CPU when accessing the cache directory on Windows (new)
  • #25015 defect: TBB fails to launch in Linux after last update (closed: duplicate)
  • #29819 defect: Seccomp: sandbox crash on rt_sigaction with libseccomp 0.2.4 (closed: fixed)
  • #31895 defect: Clear Linux Error (closed: not a bug)
  • #33411 defect: Make DirCache default to 0 on Windows relays (new)