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Showing objects tagged with 'log'

  • #12672 enhancement: Tor log should be accessible while Tor Browser is starting up (new)
  • #15607 defect: Tor log dates imprecise (needs_revision)
  • #16070 defect: Tor log doesn't have to be world readable (new)
  • #17971 defect: Unrecognized relay in exit address '[scrubbed].exit'. Refusing. (new)
  • #18114 defect: Warn when ReachableAddresses restricts connections to relays chosen by ... (new)
  • #21355 defect: Warn when IPv6Exits have no ipv6-policy line in their descriptor (new)
  • #21474 defect: Fix make test-fuzz-corpora warnings (new)
  • #22723 defect: Avoid double-quoting esc_for_log output (new)
  • #31707 defect: Better handling and UX for missing and expired guard descriptors (new)