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Showing objects tagged with 'network-team-roadmap-october'

  • #28966 defect: HSv3 client auth insufficiently documented (was: ... (assigned)
  • #29112 enhancement: PTs should pass user count events back to Tor (new)
  • #29226 task: Automate application of C formatting to code (new)
  • #29267 project: CI for pluggable transports (new)
  • #29656 defect: describe global initialization in our tinytest-based unit tests (new)
  • #29690 defect: Add a comment to chutney's test-network.sh, reminding us to copy ... (assigned)
  • #30349 task: Document member-hiding conventions for structs (new)
  • #31121 enhancement: Use publish-subscribe system in more places (new)
  • #31178 enhancement: Scripts to help with backport branches (assigned)
  • #31179 task: Eliminate non tor_queue.h linked lists. (new)
  • #31314 enhancement: Modify git-merge-forward.sh so it can create test merge branches (needs_review)