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Showing objects tagged with 'packaging'

  • #16782 defect: systemd unit file is not compatible with the AppArmorProfile= directive (new)
  • #17275 task: Package directory authority scripts for debian in compliant packages (new)
  • #19572 defect: set Tor Control Authcookie default file location from ... (new)
  • #19759 enhancement: systemd tor.service hardening: add MemoryDenyWriteExecute=true (new)
  • #19761 defect: Tor systemd service should have RuntimeDirectory=tor (new)
  • #19762 defect: Tor systemd service should have ReadWriteDirectories=/var/run/tor (new)
  • #20930 enhancement: Use new systemd hardening options (new)
  • #21453 enhancement: add ClientTransportPlugin configuration to tor-service-defaults-torrc ... (new)
  • #25456 enhancement: tor's systemd service should SIGHUP tor on resume/thaw after ... (new)
  • #26591 enhancement: doc/ missing in build directory for out-of-tree builds (new)
  • #29621 defect: Systemd Tor service starts too early (new)