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Showing objects tagged with 'padding'

  • #17591 enhancement: Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup (new)
  • #28638 defect: Serialize state machines in the torrc (new)
  • #28694 enhancement: When CircuitPadding is implemented in Tor, set it to 0 in sbws (new)
  • #28777 defect: Split circuitpadding.c code into multiple modules (new)
  • #28821 defect: Introduce timer_is_scheduled() method and replace padding_scheduled_at_us (new)
  • #29083 defect: WTF-PAD: Specify exit policy for machine conditions (new)
  • #29084 defect: Ensure circuit padding RTT estimate handes var cells/wide creates (new)
  • #29821 defect: Make circuit/channel padding correctly respect dormant mode (new)
  • #29840 defect: WTF-PAD: Log padding counters into the heartbeat (new)
  • #30092 enhancement: Add a probability-to-apply field for circuitpadidng machines (needs_revision)
  • #30172 enhancement: Always send PADDING_NEGOTIATE if middle supports it (new)
  • #32040 defect: HS intro padding machine reactivates after receiving INTRODUCE_ACK (needs_revision)