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  • Negate a tag with -tag1.
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Showing objects tagged with 'path-selection'

  • #9241 enhancement: Abstract and decouple path selection from circuit construction (new)
  • #17147 defect: long-running client path-selection not seeing some (fast) exit nodes (needs_information)
  • #18795 task: diversity weighting system (needs_information)
  • #19987 enhancement: Unit Test Guard, Middle, Exit, Intro, and Rend node choices (new)
  • #19989 defect: Tor fails to bootstrap with an Exit as EntryNode (new)
  • #24169 enhancement: When all consensus bandwidths are zero, should Tor still respect ... (new)
  • #26137 enhancement: Integrate AS-aware circuit selection (new)
  • #30291 enhancement: Optimize our path selection code (new)