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Showing objects tagged with 'portability'

  • #13461 enhancement: Point to Tor.framework in contrib, for iOS and macOS (new)
  • #13977 task: Evaluate alternate SSL/TLS libraries: CyaSSL, GnuTLS, ... (new)
  • #20872 enhancement: option to build non-standard code paths on x86 (new)
  • #21735 enhancement: Add support for unsigned time_t, to support QNX (new)
  • #23595 enhancement: Support KIST on other platforms. (new)
  • #23714 defect: stop casting small integers to (void *) (new)
  • #29485 defect: guidelines for POSIX sh vs bash (new)
  • #29895 defect: avoid storing ints in void* in mainloop event data (new)