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Showing objects tagged with 'privcount-maybe'

  • #8786 enhancement: Add extra-info line that tracks the number of consensus downloads over ... (needs_revision)
  • #13194 enhancement: Track time between ESTABLISH_RENDEZVOUS and RENDEZVOUS1 cell (new)
  • #13195 enhancement: Collect aggregate stats around hidden service descriptor publishes and ... (new)
  • #13466 enhancement: Collect aggregate stats of ntor-using hidden service interactions vs ... (new)
  • #15272 task: Think of more research questions that we can answer with statistics (new)
  • #16997 enhancement: Gather and report metrics for the number of channels a relay is servicing. (new)
  • #17366 enhancement: Track consensus fetch times per country? (new)
  • #17627 enhancement: Add missing controller events so we can link every step of the HS dance (new)
  • #18082 enhancement: Log separate HS extra-info stats for Single Onion Services (new)
  • #18268 enhancement: Make Tor aware of the top-30 destinations of Tor Exit traffic (new)
  • #20594 enhancement: hs: Make HSDir produce HS statistics for prop224 (new)
  • #24047 defect: Add new stats for v2 and v3 onion service traffic (new)