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Showing objects tagged with 'prop224-extra'

  • #15557 defect: Improve relaunch logic for failed rendezvous circuits (new)
  • #20594 enhancement: hs: Make HSDir produce HS statistics for prop224 (new)
  • #20742 enhancement: prop224: Implement stealth client authorization (assigned)
  • #21935 defect: prop224: Deeper testing of HS ntor subsystem (new)
  • #22220 enhancement: hs: Move cell encoding/decoding out of hs_intropoint.c to hs_cell.c (new)
  • #22455 task: Enumerate cases where we want to retry circuits, and correctly balance ... (new)
  • #22893 enhancement: prop224: Make intro point per-service and not per-descriptor (new)
  • #23108 defect: prop224: Don't rotate all service descriptors at once (new)
  • #23126 enhancement: HSDirs should publish some count about new-style onion addresses (new)
  • #25955 enhancement: onion v2 deprecation plan (new)
  • #29802 defect: Document the v3 onion service key files in the tor man page (new)