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Showing objects tagged with 'protover'

  • #20953 enhancement: Isolate references to versioning (new)
  • #24265 enhancement: Fuzz all rust functions that are used by authorities to make sure they ... (new)
  • #27229 task: Create fuzzing harness to compare C/Rust Functionality (new)
  • #27722 defect: rust protover doesn't canonicalize adjacent and overlapping ranges (new)
  • #27739 defect: rust protover_all_supported() accepts too-long protocol names (new)
  • #27805 defect: Update CodingStandardsRust.md with allocate_and_copy_string() (new)
  • #28081 defect: rust protover discards all votes if one is not UTF-8 (needs_review)
  • #34232 defect: Make summarize_protover_flags() handle NULL and empty string the same (new)
  • #34251 defect: Fix edge case handling in Rust protover is supported (merge_ready)