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Showing objects tagged with 'reliability'

  • #4320 defect: Audit functions called during options_act_reversible() (new)
  • #10476 enhancement: Reattach non open streams if circuit destroyed (new)
  • #10478 defect: Use prepend_policy or similar in preference to ... (new)
  • #10968 task: Authorities should use past consensuses to decide how to vote on relay ... (new)
  • #17956 defect: Let tor handle disconnects better (new)
  • #18321 defect: Exclude our own vote from the consensus if we think our own vote is invalid (assigned)
  • #18987 enhancement: Ship a cached-certs file with Tor, to speed first bootstrap (new)
  • #21989 enhancement: Should we tell Exits to reject all traffic if DNS fails? (new)
  • #27436 defect: Rejected v3 descriptor (2018 September edition) (new)