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Showing objects tagged with 'review-group-18'

  • #5190 task: Collect Rob's patch for throttling flows at guards (closed: fixed)
  • #7869 defect: ntor-onion-key is padded with an equal sign (needs_revision)
  • #13605 enhancement: Create a client/relay-side ReducedExitPolicy (closed: implemented)
  • #17903 enhancement: router_pick_trusteddirserver_impl should distinguish between fallbacks ... (needs_revision)
  • #21425 defect: entry_list_is_constrained() should look at the guard_selection_t object (needs_information)
  • #22101 defect: Can't have relative DataDirectory with CookieAuthentication enabled (closed: wontfix)
  • #22102 defect: Can't HUP with a relative path in Log line (closed: wontfix)
  • #22497 enhancement: Clean-up tt_assert() usage in our tests (closed: implemented)