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Showing objects tagged with 'review-group-34'

  • #7875 defect: debian obfsproxies can't advertise ports under 1024 (new)
  • #12377 defect: Prefer default route when checking local interface addresses (needs_revision)
  • #13081 defect: Fix build with Visual Studio in Windows (new)
  • #16849 defect: clear_status_flags_on_sybil might want to clear more flags (needs_revision)
  • #24456 defect: Figure out what to do with the guardfraction feature (new)
  • #25355 enhancement: Add option to set the facility of the syslog log backend dynamically (needs_revision)
  • #25372 defect: relay: Allocation for compression goes very high (new)
  • #25381 enhancement: Add crypto_rand_double_sign() in C and Rust (needs_revision)
  • #25386 defect: Link Rust Tests to C Dependencies in Tor (allow integration testing ... (new)