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Showing objects tagged with 'robustness'

  • #4631 enhancement: Idea to make consensus voting more resistant (needs_revision)
  • #4826 enhancement: Write proposal for improved consensus voting schedules (new)
  • #6772 enhancement: Fall back to alternative OR or Dir port if the current fails (new)
  • #9680 enhancement: get_datadir_fname2_suffix() should create missing directories as needd (new)
  • #9954 defect: Replace broadcast voting protocol with something more robust (new)
  • #13976 defect: Simplify adjustment of consensus speed in testing tor networks (new)
  • #17217 enhancement: Change clients to automatically use IPv6 if they can bootstrap over it (assigned)
  • #19045 enhancement: Keep trying to form a new shared random value during the next commit phase (needs_revision)
  • #19990 defect: EntryNodes is incompatible with IPv6-only bootstrap (closed: wontfix)