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Showing objects tagged with 's31-docs'

  • #29215 task: Document target, modular tor architecture (accepted)
  • #29216 task: Document how to make new files/modules in Tor (new)
  • #29219 enhancement: Write (more) guidelines for Tor coding best practices (new)
  • #29220 task: Update review guidelines to list best practices (assigned)
  • #29223 task: List canonical abbreviations to use in Tor functions and identifiers (needs_information)
  • #29656 defect: describe global initialization in our tinytest-based unit tests (new)
  • #30349 task: Document member-hiding conventions for structs (new)
  • #32208 task: write description of control subsystem architecture (accepted)
  • #32306 defect: check-local target to enforce doxygen-correctness (assigned)
  • #32474 defect: Remove CodeStructure.md once I'm sure that it is subsumed by intro.html (assigned)