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Showing objects tagged with 's8-api'

  • #23684 enhancement: Make it easier for mobile app developers to embed tor (closed: implemented)
  • #23845 enhancement: Document a stable tor main function (closed: implemented)
  • #23846 enhancement: Option to build Tor with -fPIC (Use libtool for building shared library?) (closed: implemented)
  • #23847 enhancement: Make sure Tor can shut down via control port, and start again in same ... (closed: implemented)
  • #23900 enhancement: Let programs call tor_main with a preconstructed control socket (closed: implemented)
  • #24204 defect: Improve the in-process Tor API: create owning control port (closed: implemented)
  • #24581 defect: Don't crash when restarting Tor in the same process (closed: implemented)
  • #24583 enhancement: Make it easy to debug restart-in-process (closed: implemented)
  • #24587 defect: Reset bootstrapping state on shutdown (closed: fixed)
  • #24588 defect: Make signal handlers optional, for starting Tor in-process (closed: implemented)
  • #25512 defect: Tor in-process restart fails to write auth cookie (closed: fixed)