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Showing objects tagged with 'sbws-11x-final-removed-20190312'

  • #28582 task: Document the load-balancing goal for sbws (needs_information)
  • #28694 enhancement: When CircuitPadding is implemented in Tor, set it to 0 in sbws (new)
  • #28774 defect: Stop the integration tests http server when the tests end (needs_revision)
  • #28985 defect: Does sbws need Tor to report observed bandwidths more often? (new)
  • #29047 defect: Improve code style following PEP8 and PEP257 (assigned)
  • #29057 defect: Adapt bandwidth file classes to be compatible with stem (descriptors, ... (assigned)
  • #29291 defect: Work out a better way to choose the data size to download (new)
  • #29292 defect: Document number of threads configuration depending on the machine ... (new)
  • #29294 defect: Create an script to automate releases (needs_revision)
  • #29355 enhancement: Include scanner nickname and UUID in the bandwidth file headers? (new)
  • #29358 defect: Stop overloading the CPU when the test network is run in the ... (new)