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Showing objects tagged with 'tbb-10.0a1'

  • #28672 project: Android reproducible build of Snowflake (closed: fixed)
  • #30318 enhancement: Integrate snowflake into mobile Tor Browser alpha (closed: fixed)
  • #31128 defect: Use Debian 10 for our Windows container images (closed: fixed)
  • #31129 defect: Use Debian 10 for our macOS container images (closed: fixed)
  • #34202 defect: Remove xz (LZMA) project for now (closed: fixed)
  • #34219 defect: Enable ZSTD support properly for Android (closed: fixed)
  • #34315 defect: avoid reading policies from /etc/firefox on Linux (closed: fixed)
  • #34347 defect: The Tor Network part on the onboarding is not new anymore (closed: fixed)