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Showing objects tagged with 'tbb-7.0-must'

  • #14205 task: Closely review all uses of IsCallerChrome() for e10s (assigned)
  • #16341 task: Investigate fingerprinting potential of CanvasRenderingContext2D.filter (new)
  • #21689 task: RequestCache from the Fetch API is available, make sure it adheres to ... (new)
  • #21727 task: Investigate network ID feature in ESR 52 (new)
  • #21762 defect: Check new Firefox favicon code for first-party isolation (reopened)
  • #21851 defect: Revert some of #18915 changes (search box) (closed: invalid)
  • #21916 defect: possible obsolete or incorrect pref settings (new)
  • #22070 task: Check whether we need to update our font whitelist for ESR68 (new)
  • #22125 enhancement: Unit test for js locale (new)
  • #22282 defect: TBB 7.0aX crash after multiple new identity (assigned)