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Showing objects tagged with 'tbb-9.0.1-can'

  • #31064 defect: Letterboxing is enabled in priviledged contexts too (new)
  • #31572 defect: Extension errors after a while of surfing with Tor Browser based on ESR68 (new)
  • #31721 defect: Onboarding screen is not shown immediately on Android (new)
  • #31731 defect: Upgrade to ESR 68-based browser makes description field of bookmarks empty (new)
  • #31980 defect: Buttons on localized spoof locale dialog are not loaclized but "Yes" ... (new)
  • #32118 defect: New Identity button icon could be more legible (new)
  • #32220 defect: Change letterboxing color when dark theme is enabled (closed: fixed)
  • #32225 defect: Saving whole web pages broken on "Safest" security setting on Tor ... (new)
  • #32259 defect: Tor Browser fails to start on some Linux systems without libatomic ... (assigned)
  • #32303 defect: obfs4proxy incompatibility on Android Q (closed: fixed)