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Showing objects tagged with 'tbb-fingerprinting-locale'

  • #12995 defect: default font seems seems to leak system locale information (new)
  • #17355 defect: Investigate whether we should re-implement methods of JS Date to avoid ... (new)
  • #20025 defect: document.characterSet leaks locale when HTML page does not specify its ... (new)
  • #22125 enhancement: Unit test for js locale (new)
  • #22130 defect: Use an "international" formatting for Dates etc, instead of US English ... (new)
  • #30427 defect: Tor Bowser locale can be detected with FTP (new)
  • #31887 defect: maximize warning panel entropy: can reveal app locale (new)
  • #32602 defect: Consider what to do about locales used by very few people (new)