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Showing objects tagged with 'tbb-fingerprinting-os'

  • #18097 defect: Font fingerprinting defenses roadmap (parent ticket) (new)
  • #23627 defect: Filter device power management keyboard events? (new)
  • #23701 defect: Lower parts of letters get eaten by making line-height uniform (needs_information)
  • #27128 defect: Consider homogenizing HTTP/2 Settings prefs. (new)
  • #28290 defect: Don't allow fingerprinting via navigator.userAgent (new)
  • #29563 defect: css line-height revisted [at least zoom and linux] (new)
  • #30537 defect: WebGL fingerprint is different between Windows versions (and compared ... (new)
  • #30589 defect: Tor Browser on Windows does not support Hindi or Tamil. (new)