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Showing objects tagged with 'tech-debt'

  • #27362 defect: (sub-)packages outside of core (cli) should not need to know about ... (new)
  • #28667 defect: Obtain the new descriptors and network status documents by signals ... (new)
  • #28718 defect: Simplify configuration options (new)
  • #29047 defect: Improve code style following PEP8 and PEP257 (assigned)
  • #29048 defect: Remove unused code (assigned)
  • #29057 defect: Adapt bandwidth file classes to be compatible with stem (descriptors, ... (assigned)
  • #29717 defect: Refactor Relay and RelayList to be able to initialize them without ... (new)
  • #29718 defect: Include a refactor plan (new)
  • #29721 defect: Refactor RelayList (new)
  • #29726 defect: Rename constants, variables, classes, methods, functions (new)
  • #30267 defect: Simplify the code logic of launching HS circuits (new)