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Showing objects tagged with 'teor-backlog'

  • #24839 task: Add a torrc option and descriptor line to opt-in as a FallbackDir (assigned)
  • #28582 task: Document the load-balancing goal for sbws (needs_information)
  • #28597 defect: Document SOCKSPolicy better (assigned)
  • #28664 defect: Describe consensus digest calculation (assigned)
  • #29133 defect: Refactor dirserv_read_measured_bandwidths (assigned)
  • #29232 enhancement: Write a function that prints a link specifier and link specifier list (assigned)
  • #30067 enhancement: Update sbws' travis config, based on chutney's travis config (assigned)
  • #30817 task: Write a proposal for tor bootstrapping that works on slow links, but ... (assigned)