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Showing objects tagged with 'teor-was-assigned'

  • #21621 defect: Intro points can get stuck in CIRCUIT_PURPOSE_S_ESTABLISH_INTRO (closed: not a bug)
  • #24629 enhancement: Activate osx builds on travis, at low priority (closed: implemented)
  • #24630 defect: Stop initialising rust git submodules, travis does this automatically (closed: fixed)
  • #27087 defect: Run a single asciidoc build in Travis (closed: implemented)
  • #27088 defect: Pass MODULES_OPTIONS in DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS (closed: implemented)
  • #27090 defect: Travis: enable lzma and zstd in configure, if available (closed: implemented)
  • #27093 defect: Consistently use ${abs_top_srcdir:-../../..} in test_rust.sh (closed: implemented)