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Showing objects tagged with 'term-project'

  • #7028 project: Implement Adaptive Padding or some variant and measure overhead vs accuracy (closed: implemented)
  • #7126 enhancement: Multipath consensus integrity verification (new)
  • #9689 project: Write proposal for RELAY_AUTHENTICATE/multipath AUTHENTICATE delivery (new)
  • #16682 enhancement: Deploy TCP Fast Open at exits (and maybe inter-node?) (new)
  • #18636 project: Write sub-proposals for each part of prop257: Refactoring authorities. ... (assigned)
  • #19304 task: Write a proposal for having dirauths push to fallbacks, rather than pull. (new)
  • #19305 task: Write a proposal for separating "upload descriptors here" from the ... (new)
  • #19859 enhancement: Expose stream isolation information to controllers (closed: implemented)
  • #20742 enhancement: prop224: Implement stealth client authorization (assigned)