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Showing objects tagged with 'tor-bootstrap'

  • #17750 enhancement: Make bootstrapping clients wait before trying an authority (closed: fixed)
  • #22403 defect: Reset downloads more consistently (new)
  • #23347 defect: Using bridges or switching to bridges sometimes does not work with tor ... (closed: fixed)
  • #23354 enhancement: Remove deterministic download schedule code and configs (closed: implemented)
  • #24740 defect: Tor launches two requests for authority certificates on first bootstrap (closed: fixed)
  • #27237 defect: When the network doesn't have any exits, use the mid weight as the ... (closed: fixed)
  • #28714 defect: "No circuits are opened" on controllers that DisablePredictedCircuits ... (new)
  • #29777 defect: Rate-limit "Problem bootstrapping" warnings to one every 5 seconds (new)
  • #30817 task: Write a proposal for tor bootstrapping that works on slow links, but ... (assigned)