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Showing objects tagged with 'tor-modularity'

  • #6837 enhancement: More fine-grained modular decomposition (new)
  • #16764 enhancement: Simplify Tor's control flow graph to the extent we can. (new)
  • #17291 defect: Module isolation in-use in Tor (new)
  • #18803 enhancement: Tools to manage Tor's intermodule callgraph, and help cut it down to size (new)
  • #19308 enhancement: Group C files into module-groups for module callgraph purposes (new)
  • #19309 enhancement: Make target to count and list module callgraph violations (new)
  • #19310 enhancement: Make code-movement functionality of module tool easier to preview (new)
  • #19311 enhancement: Create error vs warning distinction for module callgraph tool. (new)
  • #26287 enhancement: run callgraph tool from Travis (new)
  • #26289 enhancement: use a pub/sub model for the "consensus changed" event (new)
  • #26337 enhancement: Investigate making rust error types use the failure crate (needs_information)