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Showing objects tagged with 'tor-test'

  • #25118 defect: We need circuit launch and cannibalization unit tests (needs_revision)
  • #25386 defect: Link Rust Tests to C Dependencies in Tor (allow integration testing ... (new)
  • #27645 enhancement: Add unit tests for UTF-8 and invalid ContactInfo lines (new)
  • #29528 defect: UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer errors should fail the unit tests (needs_revision)
  • #29602 enhancement: Speed up builds using Appveyor's build cache (new)
  • #29645 defect: test.exe hangs on Appveyor CI (closed: worksforme)
  • #29689 defect: Make Tor's test-network.sh consistent with chutney's test-network.sh (new)
  • #29690 defect: Add a comment to chutney's test-network.sh, reminding us to copy ... (new)
  • #29701 enhancement: Load GeoIP[v6]File from the build directory when testing a tor build ... (new)
  • #29830 defect: Use UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer when the UBSan configure checks pass, ... (new)
  • #29847 defect: Improve our handling of stochastic tests (new)
  • #30615 enhancement: Factor random_uniform_01 into nondeterministic and deterministic ... (needs_revision)