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Showing objects tagged with 'tor-tests'

  • #17081 enhancement: Improve coverage on src/common/sandbox.c (needs_revision)
  • #17800 defect: Tor Unit Tests should TT_FORK before initialising global PRNG state (new)
  • #23314 defect: make test-stem starts up tor on 9050: Address already in use (closed: worksforme)
  • #23441 defect: make test: fgets_eagain FAILED (closed: duplicate)
  • #23758 defect: test config/include_no_permission fails when run as root (closed: fixed)
  • #25479 defect: Fix win32 crash in bench.c (closed: fixed)
  • #26373 defect: test_rust.sh should detect when it's being invoked improperly and error out (new)
  • #26378 defect: test_rust.sh fails on src/rust/crypto (closed: fixed)
  • #26415 defect: doctests in src/rust/crypto fail compilation (closed: fixed)
  • #28878 defect: WTF-PAD: Improve deterministic randomness in tests (new)
  • #29485 defect: guidelines for POSIX sh vs bash (new)