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Showing objects tagged with 'user-feedback'

  • #9575 defect: Rename "New Identity" (new)
  • #21967 defect: obfs4proxy not killed when unused (new)
  • #22530 defect: Redirection loop with disabled js on every page of blog.torproject.org (new)
  • #25764 defect: TBA - Activity 4.1: Improve how circuits are displayed to the user (new)
  • #27825 defect: NoScript 10 (.1.9.6) in TBB 8 can't Export settings to a file (new)
  • #28290 defect: Don't allow fingerprinting via navigator.userAgent (new)
  • #28786 enhancement: Allow customizing Tor instance in Tor Browser on mobile (new)
  • #30604 enhancement: Describe why Tor Browser requests each permission on Android (new)
  • #30605 defect: accept-language header leaks browser localization (new)