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Test multiple python versions via jenkins

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Presently I manually run our tests using Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.3 prior to releases. However, our Jenkins tests just run 2.7, causing regressions for other versions to easily slip in. Talked with weasel about this and this'll need some investigation...

08:44 < atagar> isis: Iirc your automation test runs exercise multiple python versions, right? I wonder if I should do the same for stem (I manually run python 2.6, 2.7, and 
                3.3 tests prior to release but jenkins just runs 2.7).
08:44 < atagar> boklm: ^ not sure if this is a topic that would interest you
08:44 < weasel> that's because you don't work on squeeze anymore, isn't it?
08:45 < weasel> squeeze had python 2.6
08:45 < weasel> we can also add a new axis to and run with python versions different from the default python for these things
08:46 < atagar> Sounds great (not entirely sure what you mean at the moment though about a new axis).
08:47 < weasel> one axis is suite: squeeze, wheezy, jessi, sid, lucid, precise, quantal, raring, saucy
08:47 < weasel> another axis is arch: amd64, i386
08:47 < atagar> ahhh, gotcha
08:47 < weasel> so it probably needs figuring out which python versions exist on which suites,
08:47 < weasel> and then figuring out what the extra build dependencies are.
08:50 < atagar> weasel: Anything I can do to help? I'd rather not throw a bunch of more work on your plate. :)
08:50 < weasel> atagar: you can find out these things for me :)
08:51 < weasel> atagar: dixie has the schroot environments.  you can either use (u.c) to find out about available python,s
08:51 < atagar> So figure out how to build python x.y on wheezy, jessie, etc? For 3.x we should be able to use the deb, 2.6 though will be a pain though (... maybe we should 
                pass on that).
08:51 < weasel> atagar: or you use dixie and enter sessions for them all, apt-get update (from outside, using dd-schroot-cmd) and then apt-cache search.  that'll also allow 
                you to test if we have all the required build dependencies in our current config
08:52 < weasel> atagar: no, we will not build our own python.  we'll juse use the one that ships with them.  I think.
08:52 < weasel> atagar: wheezy for instance has 2.6, 2.7 and 3.2.  2.7 is default, that's what we use right now
08:52 < weasel> we could install more, and then test them all
08:53 < atagar> great, thanks :)
08:53  * atagar adds this all to a ticket for the moment
08:53 < weasel> ok
08:54 < weasel> let me know if you get stuck or when you have all we need :)
08:54 < atagar> will do

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by federico3

A configuration file for Tox to perform testing with multiple Python versions - I hope it can help:

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by atagar

... wow. Thanks!

As mentioned on irc I'm presently swamped with work from my day job but I'm looking forward to reviewing this when able. :)

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by atagar

Hi federico3. Just took a peek and it seems like tox isn't actually buying us much here. If python3 is installed then Stem hides the hackyness of testing (' --python3'). This task would probably best be addressed by revising our Jenkins configuration to include the Python 3.x testing.

It would be nice to include Python 2.6 as well but iirc that's no longer available in the deb repositories.

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by atagar

Hi federico3, was just looking through old tickets and spotted this. Amusingly Foxboron indeed convinced me to have us use tox...

Next bit is to use it in our Jenkins instance.

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comment:6 Changed 4 years ago by nickm

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