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"torify" command leaks DNS on "master" 2.2 alpha branch

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i have torsocks installed on kubuntu jaunty 9.04 x86 64 , libevent 1.3e and the master branch 2.2 alpha.

if i use "torsocks" or "usewithtor" +appliaction, i have no leaks but if i do "torify" +application , the DNS are leaked.

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by stars

master commit ( 6423091f071dc7c843d0fd02ac32b880b7754b24)


#MyFamily $F377AAB595C2C4C03252E041E44AA1C718082F3A,$C83B64ECA72443ED41AEF8C08D887DA971927779
NumCPUs 4
NumEntryGuards 8
DirReqStatistics 1
EntryStatistics 1
CellStatistics 1
ExitPortStatistics 1
GeoIPFile /home/starslights/tor/src/config/geoip
SocksPort 9050
ControlPort 9051
HashedControlPassword 16:
Nickname SwissTorExit
ContactInfo starslights AT breakthru dot com
ORPort 80
DirPort 443
ExitPolicy accept *:*
BandwidthRate 200 KB
BandwidthBurst 3000 KB

torsocks conf

# This is the configuration for libtorsocks (transparent socks) for use
# with tor, which is providing a socks server on port 9050 by default.
# Lines beginning with # and blank lines are ignored
# The basic idea is to specify:
# - Local subnets - Networks that can be accessed directly without
# assistance from a socks server
# - Paths - Paths are basically lists of networks and a socks server
# which can be used to reach these networks
# - Default server - A socks server which should be used to access
# networks for which no path is available
# Much more documentation than provided in these comments can be found in
# torsocks.conf(5) and usewithtor(1) manpages.

# We specify local as - because the
# Tor MAPADDRESS virtual IP range is the rest of net 127.
# Torsocks also treats as local all the subnets that Tor does.
local =
local =
local =
local =
local =

# Default server
# For connections that aren't to the local subnets
# the server at should be used (again, hostnames could be used
# too, see note above)
server =

# SOCKS server type defaults to 4
server_type = 5

# The port defaults to 1080 but I've stated it here for clarity
server_port = 9050

# Username and password (if required on a SOCKSv5 server)
#default_user =
#default_pass =

# Paths
# For this example this machine needs to access as
# well as port 80 on the network through
# the socks 5 server at (if this machines hostname was
# "" we could also specify that, unless --disable-hostnames
# was specified to ./configure).

#path {
# reaches =
# reaches =
# server =
# server_type = 5
# default_user = delius
# default_pass = hello

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by stars

well, was a conflict with tsoscks, now it's ok, only stay the segmentation bug in torsocks .

This task can be closed, thanks

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by Sebastian

flyspray2trac: bug closed.
Closed by request

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