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#11214 needs_information defect

Gmail talkgadget/hangouts/chat infinite loop

Reported by: cypherpunks Owned by: tbb-team
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Version: Tor Browser Bundle
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Gmail allows for two types of chat: by default, hangouts, and by choice, legacy chat. These operate in a frame on the lower left of Gmail. Legacy chat works, but reverting to legacy chat from hangouts is impossible from Tor Browser Bundle, where an infinite loop interferes.

  1. Gmail load attempted with restrictive NoScript settings. Options appear: loosen restrictions, or use HTML only.
  2. is whitelisted in NoScript, as well as (optionally) some of the following domains:
  3. Page is reloaded. The following error message appears in the lower left chat frame: "Something's not right. We're having trouble connecting to Google. We'll keep trying...\n This may be caused by network or proxy issues. <a href="">Learn more</a>.
  4. is whitelisted in NoScript, as recommended on the linked support page. Gmail is refreshed.

Infinite loop:

  1. Hangouts loads, with contact list visible. Within seconds, it disappears and is replaced with a Sign In button.
  2. The Sign In button is clicked. A pop-up appears with a log-in page from domain Password is entered; user signs in. Page declares success, instructs user to close pop-up and refresh Gmail.
  3. Go to step 5.

This bug prevents users from being able to use Google chat at all, since reverting to legacy chat requires accessing the main menu in talkgadget/hangouts.

Tried many combinations of NoScript whitelists. None works.

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This bug was mentioned on
Copied below

On February 19th, 2014 Anonymous said:

GMail is broken, when you allow in NoScript. When you login and GMail loads GTalk / Hangouts after showing the main window with your mails, the site redirect you to the login page and asks for your password again. This is an infinit loop. When you block the address it works fine. I found a similar behavior on eBay. Seems like a bug. This is very annoying. I would like to report this, but I don't understand the bug tracker system.

On February 24th, 2014 arma said:

Could be an issue with HTTPS-Everywhere, or could be an issue with Tor Browser's changes.

You might ask on IRC if anybody can help you use the bugtracker.

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I encountered this bug and found this Ticket. Decided to try and help further diagnose / reproduce it since it has not been touched for a while and appears to still be occurring.


TOR 3.6.2
Firefox 24.6.0

HTTPEverywhere both Enabled and Disabled.

NoScript Temporarily Allow (in this order and with page refreshes):

Mail visible -- expected
Problem message -- expected

Infinite automatic login attempt loop -- color-changing ball
Problem message -- expected

Login, able to open contact search box, however no further progress
Problem message -- expected.

No change.

Reproduces reported bug.
Left pane falls back to a login prompt to manually login within few seconds.
Manually logging in indicates success and that the page can be refreshed.
Refreshing page reproduces reported bug; infinite loop.

Original message indicates causes the issue, but my order narrows it down to

I hope this helps.

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Similiar problem reported here. It mentions google is blocking proxies.!topic/hangouts/YDP7W2dwhQk

Therfore I can conclude google is blocking tor exit nodes

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Is that still an issue with Tor Browser 9? If so, please provide steps to reproduce.

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