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Choose an issue tracker for OONI and close the other ones

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Right now there's an OONI component on Tor's trac, and also apparently the github ooni repo has the issue tracker enabled.

Reasonable people find one and assume there aren't any others.

We (probably meaning Arturo) should pick a single issue tracker and stick with it.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by hellais

I am going to start migrating all the issues currently on github to trac and switch to using github only for pull request management, while trac shall be the canonical issue tracker for all ooni related tickets.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by hellais

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comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by hellais

I have completed the migration of the issues from the ooni-probe, ooni-backend and ooni-spec issue trackers to trac and disabled the issue tracker on github.

I fell into the trap of believing the it would be quicker to write a script for doing it than just doing the job by hand so I wrote this tool:, but then had to do some manual labour and perhaps it would have been easier to just to it by hand from the start.

Anyways these are the issues that got migrated:

#12016 (Report ID Generated with Insecure RNG)

#12015 (The README for ooni-backend should explain what ooni-backend is and why ...)

#12014 (Side Channel Attacks)

#12013 (Verify the NetTest version as well as name)

#11995 (Unhandled Tor exception) closed by hellais

#11984 (Write test specification for the captive portal test) closed by cypherpunks

#12012 (clock skew)

#12011 (Feature/versioneer automatic version bumping and configuration.)

#12010 (Data Pipeline)

#12009 (M-Lab Integration Testing)

#12008 (HTTP & DNS Parsers)

#12007 (Contributor Bootstrap)

#12006 (Is non-determinism in test helper deployment or MLab-ns API acceptable?)

#12005 (Make Sphinx dev docs available on Github pages)

#12004 (ooni test decks specifying logfile path but it is not used.)

#12003 (Handling filesystem size limitations?)

#12002 (Initial M-Lab comments on threat model)

#12001 (Threat Model: Roles: Reliances for backend operator)

#12000 (Detect when a probe is using the wrong test helpers)

#11999 (Deploy the ooni-backend bouncer on m-lab)

#11998 (Add support for publishing test-helpers and collectors to bouncer)

#11997 (Add SSL support to ooni-backend)

#11996 (Verify the version of config files)

#11995 (Unhandled Tor exception)

#11994 (Add SSL support to ooni-probe)

#11993 (Update scapy-real to latest version)

#11992 (Feature/tor test template)

#11991 (ooni's TrueHeaders uses a dict() for internal storage)

#11990 (Add support for storing the order in which HTTP headers are received.)

#11989 (Verbosify the collector address log line)

#11988 (Make the usage of the -p option clearer)

#11987 (Test multiple network interfaces with a single probe)

#11986 (ooni crashes if no collector option is used with several decks)

#11985 (Feature/cronjob)

#11984 (Write test specification for the captive portal test)

#11983 (When ooniprobe starts it should perform checks to verify the config file ...)

#11982 (ooniprobe should verify the options required by tests before starting Tor ...)

#11981 (Include in report details on the probes type of network)

#11980 (The README for ooni-probe should mention the bugtracker and repository)

#11979 (Add support for having multiple test classes inside of a nettest file)

#11978 (Recursion limit problem in TaskManager)

#11977 (Modified TrueHeaders class to order headers)

#11976 (Enable ssh access for Least Authoritarians to ...)

#11975 (Add native test scheduling support to ooni-probe.)

#11974 (Provide a test deck for a set of 7 interesting countries.)

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by hellais

Resolution: fixed
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comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by saint

I hate Trac with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, but can appreciate the need for Ooni to use one issue queue. Since it's ostensibly Tor-related, the tor trac makes sense.

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by saint

Cc: griffin@… added

comment:7 Changed 6 years ago by nathan-at-least

Cc: nathan@… added

Greetings. I'm currently working a bit on OONI on behalf of Least Authority.

One of our current goals is to ensure OONI is deployed to M-Lab M-Lab with configurations / integration that is simple and acceptable to everyone involved. We're keeping details specific to M-Lab and OONI in the ooni-support repository on github. That repository name and location follow the M-Lab standard for test integration. To clarify: any issue general to OONI lives here, any issue specific to M-Lab integration goes there.

It looks like this trac instance is for all tor projects, and there's a "component" for OONI. Are there any other conventions of which we Least Authoritarians should know about?

comment:8 Changed 6 years ago by nathan-at-least

BTW- I just opened #12258 to request we transfer closed github tickets, also.

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