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smartlist_choose_by_bandwidth() uses crypto_rand_uint64() wrong

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In smartlist_choose_by_bandwidth(), we sum up all the bandwidths available
and then use crypto_rand_uint64() to pick which relay we'll use. But we
have an off-by-one error.

Imagine there are three relays, each with bandwidth 1. So total_bw is 3.
So crypto_rand_uint64() can return {0, 1, 2} with equal probability.

Suppose it returns 1.

Then we go through the first round of the for() loop, at the end of which tmp = 1.

So 1 >= 1, and we break. We return the first relay when we should have returned
the second.

Ok, so this is a really crazy case that will never happen in practice, right?
Not quite.

First, it could have been triggered in the pathological case described by kenobi
here (if we hadn't accidentally made it much less likely by moving to KB in the
Second, imagine if the first relay has 0 bandwidth, and the other relays have
some bandwidth. If crypto_rand_uint64() returns 0, we'll pick the first relay even
though it has no weight.

The fix (well, hack) is to set rand_bw++ once we've chosen it. Then we count our
fenceposts correctly.

In theory, we shouldn't run into the round-off error warn at the end of the for()
clause. Heck if I know how it'll go in practice though.

Thanks to kenobi for diagnosing and coming up with the fix.

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