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Jul 12, 2014, 3:59:51 PM (5 years ago)

asn opened #12597 as a dupe, but I think that description is better, so stealing it. Adding needs-proposal because I think this will need a change in the spec.


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    1 Now that tor supports BEGIN_DIR it will be very nice if all relays are directory caches, as well. This will be especially useful if we move to a single guard, thus removing the possibility that the guard is not a dir cache.
     1During the entry guard discussions, we have decided that it's a good idea to make all relays directory servers. We mainly needed the entry guards to be directories, but it seems easier and more elegant to just turn all relays to directory servers.
     3This is easier nowadays than in the past because `BEGIN_DIR` makes it so that directory servers don't need to have a separate DirPort open. (However, maybe relays get the `V2Dir` flag only if they have a DirPort open?)
     5Also, since all relays have all the directory documents anyway, it doesn't further bloat their disk to become directory servers.