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IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/weasel/mixminion/keys/key_0001/ServerDesc'

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Reporter: peter@… (Peter Palfrader)
Opened: 2003-10-19 23:36

after generating keys failed (see bug#12), another ivocation of server-start
gives the following traceback. Maybe a missing ServerDesc file should be
handled more gracefully, or different.

weasel@valiant:~/mixminion/bin$ ./mixminion server-start -f ../etc/mixminiond.conf
Mixminion version 0.0.6alpha1
This software is for testing purposes only. Anonymity is not guaranteed.
Reading configuration from ../etc/mixminiond.conf
Oct 19 23:33:58.246 [WARN] Mode specification is not yet supported.
Oct 19 23:33:58.252 [WARN] Dangerously low MixInterval
Oct 19 23:33:58.256 [DEBUG] Configuring server
Oct 19 23:33:58.258 [INFO] Enabling statistics logging
Oct 19 23:33:58.270 [DEBUG] Syncing statistics to disk
Oct 19 23:33:58.284 [INFO] Statistics logging enabled
Oct 19 23:33:58.286 [INFO] Setting entropy source to '/dev/urandom'
Oct 19 23:33:58.299 [DEBUG] Initializing server
Oct 19 23:33:58.304 [DEBUG] Scanning server keystore at /home/weasel/mixminion/keys
Oct 19 23:33:58.311 [FATAL] Exception while configuring server
Oct 19 23:33:58.345 [FATAL] Traceback (most recent call last):


line 1093, in runServer

server = MixminionServer(config)

line 647, in init

self.keyring = mixminion.server.ServerKeys.ServerKeyring(config)

line 78, in init


line 89, in configure


line 130, in checkKeys

t1, t2 = keyset.getLiveness()

line 629, in getLiveness

info = self.getServerDescriptor()

line 621, in getServerDescriptor

self.serverinfo = ServerInfo(fname=self.descFile)

line 137, in init

mixminion.Config._ConfigFile.init(self, fname, string, assumeValid)

"/home/weasel/mixminion/lib/python2.3/site-packages/mixminion/", line
651, in init

contents = mixminion.Common.readPossiblyGzippedFile(filename)

"/home/weasel/mixminion/lib/python2.3/site-packages/mixminion/", line
1392, in readPossiblyGzippedFile

f = open(fname, 'r')

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

Oct 19 23:33:58.352 [FATAL] Shutting down because of exception: exceptions.IOError

Hm. This is probably because generating keys last time failed in between making
a key directory and writing the server descriptor. I think I have a fix in CVS now.

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