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[FAQ Edit] Clear up whether or not Tor hides traffic from whoever has access to the router in the FAQ

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Hello, I have a suggestion concerning the Website's FAQ:
can it be cleared up once and for all whether or not using the Tor Browser effectively hides the traffic² from whoever has control over your router (like for example a sysadmin in a company or neighbours sharing a router with you) ?

I asked about this on the IRC channel where they confirmed what I suspected - which is that the traffic is effectively hidden.
However, typical users / casual tor users don't even know what irc is to go there asking about it. They use google and/or Tor's FAQ. As they can't find it there they'll ask about this elsewhere.
I was at a place (Q&A site) where they kept asking about this and even though I thought it was hidden I wasn't completely sure as there's no clear(!) confirmation on any official page that clears it up. Contradictory posts on sites you find via Google just add up on the confusion: this post is saying it sufficiently hides traffic from whoever has control over the router: and some posts elsewhere like those in here: suggest everywhere. There's no clear answer to this to be found on the website and people asking about it.

-> So could you please add a clear confirmation of traffic² being hidden from any person who has full access to the router to the FAQ (probably here: and/or eventually even to: (by adding another guy next to the first purple hacker who got access to the router) ?

People keep underestimating the "informal" part of projects so to say (while often fully focusing just on the technical side). And often also take users to be as informed as themselves for granted. But however great tor is - it's useless if people don't know what it's for. Saying: "[...] Tor prevents people watching your traffic locally (such as your ISP) from learning what information [...]" is not enough - it really needs a clear(!) confirmation.

An example text would be: "Second, Tor prevents people watching your traffic locally (such as your ISP or a system administrator who has full access to the router you're using) from learning what information you're fetching and where you're fetching it from. This means your entire traffic is effectively hidden so that they can't see which sites you're visiting amongst other information."

²This doesn't include the plain fact that you're using tor or that it's you who's using tor - I really just mean the traffic itself

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