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Can we migrate internal SVN to a document store, wiki, or set of git repositories?

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Here's what's in our internal SVN at the moment:

contact_info -- information on contacting various people at Tor

forms -- expense forms, timesheets, etc.

jobs -- an archive of (some) past job postings

manual_bridgedb -- a listing of bridges that we hand out by hand when asked

monthly_reports -- some old reports on what we were doing back in 2011/2012

newsleters -- some old newsletters we sent out in 2011/2012.

notes -- memoranda on some conversations and blog post drafts and whatnot.

proposals -- proposals we've made to various organizations

roadmaps -- old roadmap documentaations

supporting_organizations -- peopel who have helped us out, and what they said

tbb-qa -- information about TBB testers, information for TBB testers

todo-lists -- schedule info and todo lists for different TP members

Some of this information could become public. Some (like my home address and phone number) could go onto an internal wiki page, if we trust our ability to set that up. Some could go onto internal git repositories instead.

This is both a policy and technical issue.

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by Sebastian

Happy to help with creation of the git repos (please file extra tickets once something is decided). I'm happy with the current setup, also happy with any setup that has easy offline access, but won't veto a wiki if that's easier for anyone

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by mcs

Cc: mcs added

comment:3 Changed 4 years ago by atagar

For what it's worth a private wiki is something I've wanted on occasion too...

08:20 < atagar> (Gah, so many applications. With such a short time this is gonna be a chaotic mess.)
08:25 < atagar> It would be nice if we had a private wiki. That would help a bit.

It would help with GSoC/SoP coordination. I'm a tad wary of 'secrecy creep' where we restrict things too much. But this could be addressed by someone who cares about transparency taking a periodic audit of the pages, asking 'does this really need to be secret?'.

Anyway, just my two cents. Love to see this move forward.

comment:4 Changed 23 months ago by teor

Severity: Normal

Set all open tickets without a severity to "Normal"

comment:5 Changed 14 months ago by irl

Owner: changed from erinn, nickm, Sebastian, weasel to tor-gitadm
Status: newassigned

Setting owner to tor-gitadm as the owners that are set are not working on this currently. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

comment:6 Changed 12 months ago by irl

Status: assignedneeds_information

I don't actually know where this internal Subversion is, or whether it is still used. Either someone knowledgable could update this ticket or we can close it due to inactivity. Maybe the internal Subversion is working just fine as a solution for the things it is used for just now.

comment:7 Changed 12 months ago by hiro

This system is used for legal documents and other related things. Some of the things mentioned in the ticket though are handled somewhere else at the moment. Not sure we should just close this. Maybe we should move it as a service ticket.

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comment:8 Changed 12 months ago by irl

If it is currently used, the people that are using it should be the owners of this ticket. I don't think the git team can really make any progress with this ticket as it is.

comment:9 Changed 6 months ago by irl

Cc: ln5 added

Potentially NextCloud is the answer to this ticket.

comment:10 Changed 2 months ago by anarcat

*can* Nextcloud be used for this? i'd love to turn off SVN, and this is the biggest blocker (the other being #15948, which is the public stuff that's already archived...)

comment:11 Changed 2 months ago by ln5

A separate NextCloud instance maybe. With only those users registered that need access. And configured to not allow sharing of documents outside of the instance, including webdav links. I have not verified that this is possible without making changes to NextCloud.

This puts a lot of trust in the NextCloud code being sane, at least authentication and document permission handling. And probably more that I don't understand. There's a web server there too.

comment:12 Changed 6 weeks ago by anarcat

well, if we really want to shutdown SVN and not just pile up new services instead of *replacing* old ones, we have to find a replacement.

right now, we're going to use NC to replace Storm, and we're sharing files there. if we don't trust it, we have a problem. the solution might be to use some other file sharing mechanism, but I would suggest we should stop using SVN. we *could* use private git repositories, is that a compromise that would be acceptable?

comment:13 Changed 4 weeks ago by anarcat

Parent ID: #17202

i think the internal documents will be moved to Nextcloud once that service is ready to go. until then this is stalled.

comment:14 Changed 10 days ago by arma

Note that I'm going to treat this ticket as being what it says it's about in the ticket description -- svninternal, not corpsvn.

I believe I am the only user of svninternal at this point, either reading or writing. And I'm fine stopping my use of it if it simplifies things for others.

So I believe that we can turn it off as a service, so long as we keep the files around for the future "sorting and filing and discarding" exercise that we're going to need to do.

When we get to that sorting step, we might decide to dump the files into nextcloud en masse to start, or we might decide to do some triaging on them first and only import the ones we want to import. We should stick the files somewhere and open a new ticket for that triaging, once we turn off the svninternal service.

Also, when we do turn off svninternal, we can disable the tor-svninternal@… list which is where commits get sent currently.

comment:15 Changed 27 hours ago by anarcat

Status: needs_informationneeds_review

i think the bottomline here is most people don't use this and arma is basically the only user. we are unsure about sue, but we ping'd her on it. we're waiting for a response, so let's wait another week for this.

internal shutdown scheduled now for october 24th.

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