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manual page is not clear about ExitPolicy accept *:port, affecting IPv4 and IPv6?

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Relay operators seem to have problems understanding the current expected behaviour of ExitPolicy configurations in the light of IPv6. Maybe we can improve the manual page to make it more clear.



ExitPolicy accept *:80

affecting IPv6 as well? If so, state that in the documentation.
If it does: How do I specify IPv4 policy entries that target all IPv4 IPs? (

(According to the current documentation I would not assume that such a line affects IPv6.)

ExitPolicy policy,policy,…

    Set an exit policy for this server. Each policy is of the form "accept|reject ADDR[/MASK][:PORT]". If /MASK is omitted then this policy just applies to the host given. Instead of giving a host or network you can also use "*" to denote the universe ( PORT can be a single port number, an interval of ports "FROM_PORT-TO_PORT", or "*". If PORT is omitted, that means "*".

    For example, "accept*,reject*,accept *:*" would reject any traffic destined for MIT except for, and accept anything else.

    To specify all internal and link-local networks (including,,,,, and, you can use the "private" alias instead of an address. These addresses are rejected by default (at the beginning of your exit policy), along with your public IP address, unless you set the ExitPolicyRejectPrivate config option to 0. For example, once you’ve done that, you could allow HTTP to and block all other connections to internal networks with "accept,reject private:*", though that may also allow connections to your own computer that are addressed to its public (external) IP address. See RFC 1918 and RFC 3330 for more details about internal and reserved IP address space.

    Tor also allow IPv6 exit policy entries. For instance, "reject6 /7:*" rejects all destinations that share 7 most significant bit prefix with address FC00::. Respectively, "accept6 /3:*" accepts all destinations that share 3 most significant bit prefix with address C000::.

    This directive can be specified multiple times so you don’t have to put it all on one line.

    Policies are considered first to last, and the first match wins. If you want to _replace_ the default exit policy, end your exit policy with either a reject *:* or an accept *:*. Otherwise, you’re _augmenting_ (prepending to) the default exit policy. The default exit policy is:

    reject *:25
    accept *:*

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This was fixed with a code and man page update in, please feel free to reopen if there are further issues.

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