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Migrate all font fingerprinting patches to tor-browser.git

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Right now, our font fingerprinting patches are divided between tor-browser.git and tor-browser-bundle.git. We'd like to move all patches to tor-browser.git.

From our discussion at ticket:13313#comment:25:


[We could] add the Noto fonts directly to the tor-browser.git repo, and add something in the Mozilla build scripts to install them in the directory where fonts are bundled. That would avoid modifying tor-browser-bundle.git altogether.


I think this makes sense. Another thing that bothers me with the currently proposed solution is that it makes bisecting quite error-prone. Although this is not documented yet the fastest approach is to just take an existing Tor Browser bundle and just bisect the tor-browser parts copying the result over the respective bundle parts with each iteration. This is not working anymore with having so many parts in tor-browser-bundle.git. Having everything in tor-browser could help us debug issues due to font updates easier as well.

One issue is whether we want to use hinted or unhinted Noto fonts. If some OSs are incapable of making use of hinting, then we may decide to turn off hinting on all platforms. In that case we could bundle just unhinted fonts. OTOH, hinting maybe looks nicer, and it may be difficult to prevent fingerprinting Windows vs Linux vs Mac, so it's worth thinking about the tradeoff.

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