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Whitelist fonts by filename rather than font name

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In #13313 we whitelisted fonts by file name. But as dcf points out, it would be ideal to whitelist bundled fonts only, using the font file path. As far as I can tell this will need to be implemented separately for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by dcf

So I tried a simple and dumb thing to disable system fonts with Fontconfig, and it mostly works! All I did was comment out FcSetSystem leaving only FcSetApplication. I tested this patch on top of tbb-5.0a4-build2; i.e., with the Noto fonts installed but without the font whitelisting patch of #13313.

  • gfx/thebes/gfxFontconfigUtils.cpp

    a b gfxFontconfigUtils::UpdateFontListInternal(bool aForce) 
    590590    // These FcFontSets are owned by fontconfig
    591591    FcFontSet *fontSets[] = {
    592         FcConfigGetFonts(currentConfig, FcSetSystem)
     592        // FcConfigGetFonts(currentConfig, FcSetSystem),
    593593#ifdef MOZ_BUNDLED_FONTS
    594         , FcConfigGetFonts(currentConfig, FcSetApplication)
     594        FcConfigGetFonts(currentConfig, FcSetApplication),
    596596    };
    810810    // These FcFontSets are owned by fontconfig
    811811    FcFontSet *fontSets[] = {
    812         FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetSystem)
     812        // FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetSystem),
    813813#ifdef MOZ_BUNDLED_FONTS
    814         , FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetApplication)
     814        FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetApplication),
    816816    };
    gfxFontconfigUtils::GetLangSupportEntry(const FcChar8 *aLang, bool aWithFonts) 
    980980    // These FcFontSets are owned by fontconfig
    981981    FcFontSet *fontSets[] = {
    982         FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetSystem)
     982        // FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetSystem),
    983983#ifdef MOZ_BUNDLED_FONTS
    984         , FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetApplication)
     984        FcConfigGetFonts(nullptr, FcSetApplication),
    986986    };

It seems like the only negative side effect of the patch is an extension of the monospace font thing in comment:6:ticket:16672. Not only is it monospace in the tab titles and URL bar, but also Latin text in web pages is rendered using the monospace Cousine font. This might just be because the branch I built did not have the font prefs that came along with the whitelisting patch.

(BTW we already know that you can whitelist a directory in Fontconfig using fonts.conf; this is another way.)

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