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Make Chutney Easier to Use & More Functional, Write Guide

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I (teor) am writing a guide to using chuntney.
As part of that, I'm making chuntey easier to use, mainly through a series of tweaks that simplify usage and improve test coverage.

See and the child tickets for more details.

Child Tickets

#15418closednickmchutney: add debug command-line flagCore Tor/Chutney
#15419newchutney: on failure, explain which connection failedCore Tor/Chutney
#16902closedteorchutney fails to find python2 on stock OS X installCore Tor/Chutney
#16903closedteorAutodetect chutney if next to torCore Tor/Tor
#16945closedTest clients, bridges, exits, and hidden services by defaultCore Tor/Tor
#16950closedAdd a chutney command that checks if network bootstrap has finishedCore Tor/Chutney
#16951closedReduce frequency of intermittent chutney failuresCore Tor/Chutney
#16953closedAdd make test-network-all to Tor's test suiteCore Tor/Tor
#16954newRefactor chutney networks: increase configurability, reduce code duplicationCore Tor/Chutney
#16999closedchutney torrcs contain duplicate TestingDirAuthVoteExit entriesCore Tor/Chutney
#17002closedchutney start could tell users how to kill old chutney torsCore Tor/Chutney
#17015newchutney should try harder to find a stable/different version of torCore Tor/Chutney
#17088closedchutney shouldn't set DirPort on bridge relaysCore Tor/Chutney
#17089closedConsider turning off geoip for chutney bridgesCore Tor/Chutney
#19116closedteorAdd scripts to chutney so it works on a tor binaryCore Tor/Chutney
#19701closedteorAllow tor and tor-gencert to be specified on the chutney command-lineCore Tor/Chutney

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The following tickets have patches awaiting review:

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#16953 has a patch awaiting review.
The tickets I mentioned in the last comment have all been merged.

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Keywords: tor-chutney-usability added

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Points: parent
Severity: Normal

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Sponsor: SponsorS-can

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Remove myself as chutney ticket owner. Default owners are trouble.

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